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Professor Viktor Jakupec

University of Potsdam/Deakin University

Prof. Viktor Jakupec is Hon. Professor at Faculty of Economics and Social sciences at University of Potsdam, Germany;  Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University, Australia; and member of the Leibnitz Sozietät der Wissenschaften (Academy of Sciences)-Berlin. He held academic appointments at a number of Australian universities and worked as consultant for Asian Development Bank, European Training Foundation, International Finance Corporation and the World Bank funded development projects in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. His research interests include social sector  political economy analysis and impact assessment methods for aid development and sustainability.

He teaches research methodologies and methods, and curriculum development and implementation in developing and developed countries including the Maldives and has authored a number of scholarly books, book chapters and articles in scholarly journals.

Professor Jakupec holds a Dr.phil.habil. in Political Economy Analysis from the University of Giessen (Germany), a Dr.phil. in Higher Education Politics from the Fernuniversität Hagen (Germany), and  a Masters (hons.) degree in Philosophy of Education from James Cook University (Australia).


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