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Prof. Cameron Adam Batmanghlich

University of Bradford

Cameron Adam Batmanghlich

Cameron Adam Batmanghlich

Prof. Cameron A. Batmanghlich received his PhD, titled ‘Corporate Leadership and Ethics’ with distinction from University of Bradford, School of Management. Prof. Batmanghlich is currently the Director of MBA Program and Executive Education at Almaty Management University running joint degree programs with Maastricht School of Management and Sheffield Business School. He also holds the post of Director of Post-Doctoral Studies at Instituto de Estudios Superiores Spenta Mexic; Spenta University Spenta University Mexico. Prof. Batmanghlich a member of the Paris Research in Norms Management and Law (PRIMAL) within ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Accountability’ research group; Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense, a permanent member of the editorial board at the ‘International Journal of Small Economies’, a permanent member of the editorial board at the ‘Daena: International Journal of Good Conscious’. He was the keynote speaker at First and Second American Marketing Conference in Bolivia. Beside academic activities, Prof. Batmanghlich delivers corporate training and workshops in leadership, ethical leadership, organizational change and other management related courses. He has over 15 years of experience as an executive, business consultant and entrepreneur across three continents and in industries such as Bio Fuel, Management consulting, Electronics and hospitality.



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