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Publication and Assignment of Copyright Agreement

Agreement: We are pleased to have the privilege of publishing your article in the International Journal of Small Economies (“IJSE”). By submission of your paper, you hereby grant to IJSE all your right, title, and interest including copyright in and to the paper (“the Paper”). Management of the copyright for all papers will be maintained by IJSE.

Rights reserved by author(s): You hereby retain and reserve for yourself a non-exclusive license: 1.) to photocopy the Paper for your use in your own teaching activities; and 2.) to publish the Paper, or permit it to be published, as part of any book you may write, or in any anthology of which you are an editor, in which your Paper is included or which expands or elaborates on the Paper, unless the anthology is drawn primarily from IJSE. As a condition of reserving this right, you agree that IJSE will be given first publication credit, and proper copyright notice will be displayed on the work (both on the work as a whole and, where applicable, on the Article as well) whenever such publication occurs.

Rights of IJSE: This agreement means that IJSE will have the following exclusive rights among others: 1.) to license abstracts, quotations, extracts, reprints and/or translations of the work for publication; 2.) to license reprints of the Paper to third persons for educational photocopying; 3.) to license others to create abstracts of the Paper; 4.) to license secondary publishers to reproduce the Paper in print, microform, or any computer readable form including electronic on-line databases. This includes licensing the Paper for inclusion in an anthology from IJSE.

Warranties: You warrant that the Paper has not been published before in any form, that you have made no license or other transfer to anyone with respect to your copyright in it, and that you are its sole author(s), and generally that you have the right to make the grants you make to IJSE. Any exceptions are to be noted below. You also warrant that the Paper does not libel anyone, invade anyone’s privacy, infringe anyone’s copyright, or otherwise violate any statutory or common law right of anyone. You agree to indemnify IJSE against any claim or action alleging facts which, if true, constitute a breach of any of the foregoing warranties.

In conclusion: This is the entire agreement between you and IJSE and it may only be modified in writing. It will bind and benefit our respective successors in interest, including assignees, and our licenses, provided that you may not assign this agreement without our prior written consent. It will terminate if we do not publish your article within a reasonable time.

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