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Professor Farhad Analoui

University of Bradford

Professor Farhad Analoui

Professor Farhad Analoui

Dr. Analoui is a Professor, International Development and Human Resource Management with the Department of Development and Economics and Development Studies, University of Bradford. He lectures on Human Resource Management, International Development, and Managerial Effectiveness both at the Centre and as a visiting lecturer in other universities. He has provided leadership for the Professional Development Services (Training and Consultancy and has been responsible for the co-ordination of all professional training programmes and consultancy projects both at the BCID and abroad (1996-2004).

Dr. Analoui has acted as an external examiner for other Universities and he is an associate advisor to the British Council on management matters and is consulted by DfID as an assessor in relation to research projects on managerial effectiveness in developing countries. He is an active researcher and has carried out independently funded research in the UK, Romania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, the Middle East, Iran, Croatia and Oman. He has published several books, has published in international academic and professional journals and acts as a referee on the editorial boards of journals and publishing houses. Professor Analoui works as a management consultant both on behalf of the Centre and independently for the International Development Agency, the British Council, World Bank and International Consultancy organisations. He also provides professional services and expertise to private and public sector organisations in Europe (Eastern), Africa, Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East (UNRWA). At present he is working closely with senior management of the Ministry of Finance, Department of HR in Zagreb to develop a performance appraisal system for the Ministry and with senior management of the public sector, Oman to improve managerial effectiveness for reform.


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