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Sawkut Rojid

University of Mauritius

Sawkut Rojid

Sawkut Rojid

Sawkut Rojid is a graduate from the Cardiff Business School and a lecturer in economics and finance at the University of Mauritius. He has published a large number of papers in the field of international trade and some of them in respect to small economies. Sawkut Rojid has acted as consultant to several international organisations including the UNCTAD, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the COMESA Secretariat, SACAU, OSSREA, ACFRN and TIPS.

Sawkut Rojid is the in-country researcher for the yearly SADC Trade Review project funded by the Australian government and managed by TIPS South Africa. He is also a trainer at IDS, University of Sussex for the Training course on Economic Partnership Agreement.  He is the consultant of the African Development Bank (ADB) working on the African Economic Outlook, for Mauritius.

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